Limebeat consists of award-winning composers, producers, musicians, songwriters, DJ’s, sound designers, audio engineers and music supervisors in a unique working environment.  The team, under the direction of owner/creative director Randy Lee, strives to collaborate with clients to provide the best possible product – on time and on budget.

Randy has almost 20 years experience in the music, entertainment and advertising business starting at a very young age.  A native New Yorker, Randy is deeply rooted in the city’s diverse musical and cultural scene.  An organic writer with natural rhythmic sense and a strong melodic intuition, Randy brings a lot to the table.  A two-time Emmy Award winner, Cannes Gold Lion winner as well as Boards Magazine Composer of the Year.  His enthusiasm and love of music is infectious as well as his quest for creative excellence.

Everybody at Limebeat is passionate about what they do and fully committed to your vision and satisfaction.  We want your project to be extraordinary.